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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing Problem On APC 7950

On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 11:50 -0500, Jim Parsons wrote:
> Thanks Ramon and Mohd. Attached is our latest, heavily refactored 
> version of this agent. outlet naming and grouping should all work now - 
> on every 7900 series switch. Please try it. Just rename it fence_apc 
> when you drop it into /sbin and make certain the executable bits are set.
> -J

Thanks Jim, it works now!

[root orarac01 ~]# ./fence_apc_master.py_done -a -l apc -p
apc -o Off -n 2 -v
Status check successful. Port 2 is OFF
Power Off successful

Nevertheless, I guess your script is missing the Test Mode (-T option):
[root orarac01 ~]# ./fence_apc_master.py_done -h

fence_apc [options]
   -a <ipaddress>           ip or hostname of APC switch
   -h                       print out help
   -l [login]               login name
   -n [port]                switch port
   -p [password]            password
   -o [action]              Reboot (default), Off, On, or Status
   -v Verbose               Verbose mode - writes file to /tmp/apclog
   -V                       Print Version, then exit

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