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[Linux-cluster] 2 missing patches in HEAD and RHEL5 branch. (rg_state.c and ip.sh)

Hi all,

On a 2 node openais cman cluster, I failed a network interface and
noticed that it didn't failed over the other node.

Looking at the rgmanager-2.0.16 code I noticed that:

handle_relocate_req is called with preferred_target = -1, but inside
this function, there are 2 checks to see if the preferred_target is
setted, the check is a 'if (preferred_target != 0)' so the function
thinks that a preferred target is choosed. Then, inside the cycle, the
only one target that really exists is "me" (as -1 isn't a real target)
and there a "goto exausted:", the service is then restarted only on the
locale node, where it fails again and so it's stopped. Changing these
checks to "> 0" worked. 

Before writing a patch I noticed that in the RHEL4 CVS tag is used a
NODE_ID_NONE instead of the numeric values, so the problem (not tested)
probably doesn't happen.
Is it probably a forgotten patch on HEAD and RHEL5?

The same problem is in the ip.sh resource scripts as it's missing the
patch for "Fix bug in ip.sh allowing start of the IP if the link was
down, preventing failover (linux-cluster reported)." in of
RHEL4 branch.



Simone Gotti

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