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Re: [Linux-cluster] FAQ: mounting another gfs fileystem under gfs

Thanks Robert,
i will go for it with RHEL 4 update 4.
It's a 2 node cluster, and my idea was that the risk is in situation when for some reason
the /gfs gets locked .. nested could get unaccessible as well.

On 1/12/07, Robert Peterson <rpeterso redhat com> wrote:
Jan Kudjak wrote:
> hi,
> imagine that customer wants to mount another gfs filesystem
> under already mounted gfs filesystem
> eg.
> /dev/vg01/lvgfs   /gfs  (filesystem gfs)
> /dev/vg01/lvgfs1  /gfs/shared/gfs1  (filesystem gfs)
> /dev/vg01/lvgfs2  /gfs/shared/gfs2  (filesystem gfs)
> do you thing this setup is correct or could it cause some problems ?
> thanks
> jan
Hi Jan,

AFAIK, what you've described is supposed to work just fine.
However, this and similar scenarios don't get a lot of testing.
A few weeks back, I uncovered some bugs in a beta version of RHEL5
doing just that, which we consequently fixed.  So I'd say:  Go ahead
and do it, and if you run into problems, open up a bugzilla.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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