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Re: [Linux-cluster] Maybe OT: GFS labels for iSCSI disks

C. L. Martinez wrote:


I'm using a RHEL 4 U4 with iscsitarget to serve local disks to two RHEL 4U4 servers with RHCS and GFS, using RHEL initiator.

When I add new raw disks to iscsitarget and restart the *iscsid* service on RHEL clients with GFS, sometimes the device naming (/dev/sdX) changes and it's a mess
to find the older volumes with the new device name.

Does anybody know how to use to archieve persistent device naming for the *iSCSI* volumes on *RHEL4*? According to this: http://people.redhat.com/mchristi/iscsi/RHEL4/doc/readme <http://people.redhat.com/mchristi/iscsi/RHEL4/doc/readme>, I need to use Labels , but how can I assign labels on a GFS filesystem??

I think I need to use an *udev* rule for that, but I'm new to this, any help or sample rule would be appreciated.



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Support for setting this up in the UI is planned for the next update of Conga...sorry that doesn't help you now, though.


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