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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't leave cluster

> 1. I recommend "service ccsd stop" rather than killall ccsd.

This is actually my latest. While it does not *seem* to work at times, it does 
take the node out of the cluster cleanly. I say seem because it tells me that 
the node is still in the cluster yet it's not.

# more stop_gfs
service httpd stop
umount /var/www
vgchange -aln
service clvmd stop
fence_tool leave
service fenced stop
cman_tool leave
service rgmanager stop
sleep 5
service cman stop

> 2. In theory, this script should not be necessary on a RHEL, Fedora Core
> or centos box if you have your service scripts set up and chkconfig'ed on. 
> When you do /sbin/reboot, the service scripts are supposed to run in the 
> correct order and take care of all this for you.

Never had, don't know why. Always figured it was because of the way I have to 
start my nodes. I wanted to add my shutdown script into the shutdown run 
levels so that it's automatic but am not sure how to add that in.

> Shudown should take you to runlevel 6, which should run the shutdown scripts 
> in /etc/rc.d/rc6.d in the Kxx order.

Do you mean I should just copy my shutdown script into that directory?

> If there's a problem shutting down with the normal scripts, perhaps
> we need to file a bug and get the scripts changed.

Well, here is my startup script for each node, maybe the answer lies in how I 
start them?

depmod -a
modprobe dm-mod
modprobe gfs
modprobe lock_dlm

service rgmanager start
cman_tool join -w
fence_tool join -w
vgchange -aly
mount -t gfs /dev/VolGroup04/web /var/www/

cp -f /var/www/system/httpd.conf /etc/httpd/conf/.
cp -f /var/www/system/php.ini /etc/.
/etc/init.d/httpd start


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