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Re: [Linux-cluster] Another question about quorum disk

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 14:03 +0100, Fedele Stabile wrote:
> Good day to all,
> in my cluster only 2 nodes are SCSI connected to the storage where i created the qdisk partition and
> actually only this two nodes see the votes of quorum disk.
> How can I export the quorum disk to the entire cluster? Is it a must?

You can't in a way that would be sane for qdisk operations, and yes, you
have to.  Fortunately, however, qdisk is not required to create a fully
functional cluster.

It really was designed to do two things:

(a) It helps expand the functionality (or perhaps relax the
requirements) of the two-node case (that is, it lets you circumvent the
fence-race behavior in two node CMAN clusters), and

  - Check a resource that is part of a service; if the nodes split,
    the master is the one with that resource.
  - Check an upstream router and use that router as a 'tiebreaker

(b) it allows you run with only one node online of a larger cluster
(say, 1/4 nodes online) if you have a special need to do so.

-- Lon

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