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Re: [Linux-cluster] Complexity and use of GFS on non-redhat OS (CentOS, Fedora)

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 17:24 -0800, Mike Papper wrote:

> I know that GFS and the Linux Cluser are available on red Hat Enterprise
> as well as CentOS and Fedora. I believe the cost of RH is very large
> ($1000 per client for RHEL plus another $2200 per client for the cluster
> software) and I am seeking an alternative...
> I would appreciate feedback concerning these items:
> 1) is the CentOS or Fedora Core 6 version of Cluster "production ready"

CentOS 4 probably is fine; FC6 packages are maybe not quite as stable
(yet) as the release on CentOS 4 or RHEL 4.  Of course, use the latest
packages in any case, and definitely report bugs you find.

(Obligatory note: if you need someone to call if it breaks, you still
might want to consider RHEL + RHGFS.)

> 2) Does anyone have an experience that they can share using these other
> OS to install and configure GFS?

I think it's part of the FC6 install.

> 3) If I use CentOS and add the Linux Cluster (I am talking about the
> link on their site to download GFS et al.) what is involved (assuming
> that I can start with the latest Cent OS) in terms of installation to
> make it work?

There should be no tricks; installation should "just work" in all of the
cases you mentioned.

> 4) Similar to above but with Fedora Core 6 - what extra work do I need
> to do to install Linux Cluster + GFS (I', referring to things like
> recompiling the kernel, putting in a kernel patch, installing RPMs etc.).

WRT FC6... Configuration should be similar to either of the previous
versions.  The FAQ should have lots of relevant information, as well.

-- Lon

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