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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLuster Suite

Michael Schulz wrote:

Hi together,

I try to setup the Cluster suite 4.4: In the moment there are the following questions open:

  - is it possible to configure a separate connection (serial) for the

  - cluster without a fence device is possible but not recomended or

Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad. :) That is, if you are actually going to do real work with the cluster. You c an search the list archives for 'without a fence' and get plenty of information. Also, I think you will find this faq helpful. There is a section on fencing.


  - when i start the cluster config tool I get every time the following
    message "Because this node is no currently part of a Cluster ..." but
    I have already configured the cluster on the first (this) node.

Is the node you are running the config tool on, actually a member of the cluster? Is it 'joined'?


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