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[Linux-cluster] Has anyone succeeded in using WTI RPS-10?

Hi all,
We are setting up 2-note cluster with RHEL4U3 with RHCS-1.0.25 using WTI 
Remote Power Switch as fence device. We are aware that the device is rather 
obsolete, but in the mean time that's all we have.

We have followed the manual at 
http://library.n0i.net/linux-unix/redhat/rh-cm-en-1.0/ch-hwinfo.html, but it 
seems that system-config-cluster doesn't support that type. We have asked the 
WTI directly and they are suggesting us to use newer types, which is not 
possible at this time.

What we would like to know:
1. Is WTI RPS-10 really supported for RH Cluster suite?
2. We read somewhere from Google that we can use direct serial connection from 
both servers usin Null Modem cable as fence device. How?
3. We have tried the RHCS and it seems that the failover is working. We reboot 
node1, and the ftp service in node2 is automatically activated. However, when 
we simulate: service network stop in node1, the failover failed: cman: 
sendmsg failed -101

Please, any clues are really appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Fajar Priyanto | Reg'd Linux User #327841 | Linux tutorial 
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