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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster for number-crunching purposes

Fedele Stabile wrote:
>>> I have a new 35-nodes cluster with a SAN for data storage, my SAN  is
>>> connected via SCSI with two nodes.
>>> OS is CentOS4 with ClusterSuite
>>> Cluster purpose is numer-crinching:
>>> SAN disks are GFS and exported via gnbd to the other 33 nodes in  the
>>> cluster.

Fedele Stabile wrote:
I experienced that using vote=1 for all members gives the same quorum votes as result of command
cman_tool status

Instead i woulk create a quorum disk on SAN storage.
Can you help me?

If you need help with qdisk, the best documentation for it at the moment is via "man qdisk" (also assuming you use CentOS / Cluster Suite 4.4.

I need to make you aware of the following as per the man page:
"At this time, this daemon supports a maximum of 16 nodes. This is primarily a scalability issue: As we increase the node count, we increase the amount of synchronous I/O contention on the shared quorum disk."

so using qdisk with 35 nodes may either
a) still work but not be supported - not a problem if you are running CentOS)
b) not work at all, meaning it will not be an option for you.


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