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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't get past Segmentation Faults

isplist logicore net wrote:
I had a UPS outage overnight which took out one side of the power supplies on some of my storage. After restoring things, I now have a rather confusing problem.

For some reason, all volumes were lost and now I cannot get anything back. Since I had backups, I decided to clean everything up and start over. I have yet to figure out how NOT to get a segmentation fault and am at a loss on where to look next.

Fdisk shows the LVM partitions.
Pvscan gives segmentation fault.
Vgscan gives segmentation fault.
Lvscan shows no volumes.

I've tried countless combinations of vgchange -ay and -an as well as turning on/off clvmd services, cleaning things up, I'm at a loss with this.

Can someone offer a logical method of finding what is wrong?

Hi Mike,

If the lvm2 commands like pvscan segfault, I'd say that's a bug.
In my (admittedly somewhat warped) belief system, commands like that should
NEVER segfault. They should be bullet proof, no matter what kind of corruption they encounter. They should give you a sane error message indicating what the
problem is.  I recommend making sure your software is up to date, then
I'd search bugzilla for lvm2 bugs matching your problem.  If you can't find
any similar, I'd file a new bug against the lvm2 component.

Also, make sure all your physical drives are showing up by doing
cat /proc/partitions. I'd also look in dmesg for any weird messages relating
to the errors.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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