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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can't get past Segmentation Faults

Hi Bob,

> If the lvm2 commands like pvscan segfault, I'd say that's a bug.

Even after a hardware crash though? Everything was working fine just before 

> problem is.  I recommend making sure your software is up to date, then
> I'd search bugzilla for lvm2 bugs matching your problem.  If you can't find
> any similar, I'd file a new bug against the lvm2 component.

To be honest, I'm nervous about upgrading software right now because that 
might add another level of complication to what ever is going on.
> Also, make sure all your physical drives are showing up by doing
> cat /proc/partitions.  I'd also look in dmesg for any weird messages
> relating to the errors.

Yes, the partitions do show up and I've looked all over the place for 
information but these errors are too general which is leaving me with nothing 
else to look into... not being a programmer or Linux pro that is :).


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