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RE: [Linux-cluster] Basic two node cman configuration

>I'm trying to understand the basics of ccs/cman layer for a two-node configuration. I understand, from the docs, this is a special condition that need cman 
>started with  two_node="1" and expected_votes="1". But I still have problem starting cman. It complains the votes = -1 and fails to start.
>Jan 22 12:35:50 cfs1 cman: cman_tool: the two-node option requires exactly two nodes with one vote each and expected votes of 1 (votes=-1) failed
>But if remove two_node setting from <cman two_node="1" expected_votes="1"> to <cman> it actually starts fine!! Not sure where it is getting votes = -1. 
>Is this some silly mistake on my part or a known issue? 
>[...cluster configuration...]

Hello Sridharan,

Have you tried specifying a number of votes for each cluster node? Instead of:

<clusternode name="cfs1">

Write something like this:

<clusternode name="cfs1" votes="1">

Maybe CMAN is assigning -1 as the number of votes for the node if no number of votes is specified.


Javier Peña

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