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Re: [Linux-cluster] Summit kernel and GFS

isplist logicore net wrote:
I'm installing an IBM x440 system which I'd like to have GFS on. I am reading that I need to use the Summit kernel in order to gain full access to the 8 CPU's.
Is there a Summit/GFS kernel version or am I running into something?


Do you have a URL to the docs? Do the docs say which version of RHEL you need to install?

The Summit kernel was part of RHEL 2.1 (e.g. RHEL 2.1 update 6 came with a package kernel-summit-2.4.9-e.57.i686.rpm). The bits in the kernel that made the Summit-class systems (x44[x]) special, were folded into the regular kernels in RHEL 3 and onwards

(my guess is those are some really old docs. you won't be running GFS on RHEL 2.1, since that old version of GFS has been withdrawn from marketing mid lastyear).

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