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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starting a cluster - Quorum Numbers

You must achieve quorum before the cluster services are enabled. That means 1/2 of your machines listed in cluster.conf +1 must come up.

After that, if you do a 'cman_tool leave remove' on the machines you don't need, you should be able to go down as low as you want. (I think there is a way to make the cman initscript do this automatically... I also think you can specify a node count or quorum number in cluster.conf to control when it's allowed to start the service - but this last one might be unlikely, given that it could lead to split-brain.)

Hopefully, someone with more knowledge will expand on this.


On Jan 24, 2007, at 1:34 PM, isplist logicore net wrote:

Perhaps I've missed this somewhere but here I ask :).

I don't have a fixed number of nodes in my cluster. I sometimes use 4
machines, sometimes 8, sometimes more. I could split the clusters up but it would be simpler for me if I could only turn up the nodes I need as I need

The problem;

When I start my cluster, it locks up at DLM waiting on other nodes to come up. If I don't need them all, then I only fire up the ones I need but then DLM
remains locked up until I turn up yet more nodes.

I believe this is related to my cluster.conf file but I've yet to find enough
information that will explain how I can get around this problem.

Can someone shed some light?


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