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[Linux-cluster] Piranha not bring up all interfaces

I'm having a problem with our LVS setup using piranha and I'm hoping
this would be the right place to ask about it. What's happening is
that whenever we start or restart pulse, it brings up all the virtual
servers but for some reason it will not bring up all of the interfaces
for the VIP addresses.

If I just keep restarting pulse it will sometimes bring up different
interfaces and sometimes bring up 6/10 or 8/10 or 9/10 of the
interfaces it is supposed to bring up. However if I manually go back
and issue the ifconfig command to bring up the missing interfaces
everything works just fine.

There are no errors logged and starting pulse from the command line
with 'pulse -n -v' doesn't indicate anything is wrong either. We have
10 active virtual servers and each has 3 real servers behind it.

Any ideas?

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