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Re: [Linux-cluster] Starting a cluster - Quorum Numbers

Jonathan E Brassow wrote:

You must achieve quorum before the cluster services are enabled. That means 1/2 of your machines listed in cluster.conf +1 must come up.

After that, if you do a 'cman_tool leave remove' on the machines you don't need, you should be able to go down as low as you want. (I think there is a way to make the cman initscript do this automatically... I also think you can specify a node count or quorum number in cluster.conf to control when it's allowed to start the service - but this last one might be unlikely, given that it could lead to split-brain.)

I am sorry if this sounds like another commercial announcement, but Conga will allow you to control which nodes are joined or out of the cluster very easily. It also display necessary quorum, and what the total votes in the cluster currently is. Conga runs on RHEL5 and will also be in the RHEL4 Update 5 distribution -- it will run OK on all of RHEL4 generally.

My intention here is not to schill, but rather to announce that there is an alternative in place for the need to ssh around the cluster and exec specific commands with specific args. *shrug*


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