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Re: [Linux-cluster] Piranha not bring up all interfaces

ifconfig ioctl()s (e.g. SIOCGIFCONF, etc.) on 4+ e1000s sometimes fail
for some reason.  I've only seen it with bonding and on RHEL3.  In
clumanager from RHCS3, we worked around it it by allowing users to
switch to RHEL4-ish behavior (e.g. use the iproute2 utilities, which use
the netlink socket instead of ioctls).

The same update was never made for piranha.  Maybe it's needed *shrug*.

I don't know about RHEL4, and I thought it was fixed in RHEL3 U8, but it
might be something to consider...

(Obviously it shouldn't fail).

-- Lon

The system is Update 4 so I would think if it was fixed I would be
seeing it. Can you suggest a workaround? I'm just thinking I'll have
to concoct some sort of cron job to make sure all the interfaces are
up, especially for when the backup takes over from the master in a
failover situation.

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