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[Linux-cluster] rgmanager fail to start a 'clone' service, is this a bug or expected behavior?


I am just testing an active-active apache services
with Redhat Cluster suit but rgmanager fail to start
the httpd services in the second server althougt it
claim it succefully started it ...

I filled a bug :

there you can find the rg section of the cluster.conf

as you can see the only differences between the two
services (apache25 and apache26) are the failover
domains, which are just only one blade for each

My intentions are to have both blade servers running
apache at the same time and the cluster suit just
monitoring the services and the GFS filesystem in each
blade (we have a cisco ccs in front of that servers to
distribute connections)

I also make a mistake (on purpose) in the script file
(path) of the apache26 service and rgmanager complain
about it (it couldn't find the file) so in some way it
did some checks but do not start the services nor try
to mount the GFS filesystems :-( 
even if the apache25 service is stoped or disabled

log_level="7" inside <rg> tag do not offer any more
log or trace :-(

We are running RHEL4.4ES with gfscs from centos-4.4

so, is this a bug or an expected behavior?

thanks in advance

RedHat Certified Engineer ( RHCE )
Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA )

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