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[Linux-cluster] version compatibility

I notced that the releases directory
(ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/cluster/releases/) hasn't progressed since
August, and wanted to inquire as to what versions work with what versions. 

I've tried the newest CVS (cvs -d
:pserver:cvs sources redhat com:/cvs/cluster checkout cluster) against (the latest) as well as stable (-r STABLE) against, and, AND with all erroring in different, but creative,
ways. My ultimate goal is to build it against my xen3.0.4 kernel
(, but i'm not sure how to muddle through the kernel errors.

Any hints in figuring it out or getting it all to match up is appreciated.

Here's what STABLE does against

make -C /root/src/xen-3.0.4-testing.hg/linux-
arness.symvers modules USING_KBUILD=yes
make[4]: Entering directory
  CC [M]  /root/src/cluster-1.03.00/gfs-kernel/src/nolock/main.o
/root/src/cluster-1.03.00/gfs-kernel/src/nolock/main.c: In function
/root/src/cluster-1.03.00/gfs-kernel/src/nolock/main.c:250: error: too many
arguments to function `posix_test_lock'
/root/src/cluster-1.03.00/gfs-kernel/src/nolock/main.c:250: warning:
assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast
make[5]: *** [/root/src/cluster-1.03.00/gfs-kernel/src/nolock/main.o] Error
make[4]: *** [_module_/root/src/cluster-1.03.00/gfs-kernel/src/nolock] Error
make[4]: Leaving directory


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