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Re: [Linux-cluster] RE: HA Clustering - Need Help

--- Net Cerebrum <netcerebrum gmail com> wrote:

> I am now dealing with the issue of configuring the
> network interfaces. As of
> now I have configured ethernet bonding on each of
> the hosts to achieve
> network interface redundancy also. However this
> leads to a lot of network
> traffic since the same interfaces are being used for
> heartbeat / monitoring
> also. Therefore, I am thinking of using the two
> ethernet interfaces
> individually, one interface for monitoring and the
> other one for the LAN
> through which the clients will be able to access the
> hosts. They would be
> connected to separate switches and the fence devices
> would also be on the
> monitoring / control network. So I assume that the
> arrangement would be
> something like:
> Node A
> eth0 -
> eth1 -
> fence device -
> Node B
> eth0 -
> eth1 -
> fence device -
> The interfaces eth0 and fence devices would be
> connected through a switch,
> while the other interfaces (eth1) would be on the
> LAN where clients would be
> accessing them. In addition there would be two more
> floating / shared IP
> addresses for the database server and
> for the
> application server which would be defined in the
> Resources section of
> Cluster Configuration Tool and would not be
> mentioned in /etc/hosts (read
> somewhere in the documentation).
> Please let me know if these assumptions are correct.
> I am just wondering how
> does the cluster manager figure out which interfaces
> to use for heartbeat
> and monitoring. I haven't seen any such
> configuration option in the
> system-config-cluster program.
I guess it will use the interface with the right IP to
reach the nodes ;-) or the one used to reach the
default router if the nodes are outside any of its
local networks
I guess, in your configuration, if the nodes names are
bounding to IP 192.168.100.x (through DNS or
/etc/hosts) then cluster applications will use eth0
for its traffic
am I wrong?

> The issue which then needs to be resolved is of
> assigning hostname aliases
> to the shared IP addresses since as per the
> developers, the application
> manager and the database need to use a hostname and
> not an IP address.

/etc/hosts in each developer computer?


RedHat Certified Engineer ( RHCE )
Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA )

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