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Re: [Linux-cluster] RE: HA Clustering - Need Help

On 1/29/07, Roger Peña Escobio <orkcu yahoo com> wrote:

--- Net Cerebrum <netcerebrum gmail com> wrote:

> I am now dealing with the issue of configuring the
> network interfaces. As of
> now I have configured ethernet bonding on each of
> the hosts to achieve
> network interface redundancy also. However this
> leads to a lot of network
> traffic since the same interfaces are being used for
> heartbeat / monitoring
> also. Therefore, I am thinking of using the two
> ethernet interfaces
> individually, one interface for monitoring and the
> other one for the LAN
> through which the clients will be able to access the
> hosts. They would be
> connected to separate switches and the fence devices
> would also be on the
> monitoring / control network. So I assume that the
> arrangement would be
> something like:
> Node A
> eth0 -
> eth1 -
> fence device -
> Node B
> eth0 -
> eth1 -
> fence device -
> The interfaces eth0 and fence devices would be
> connected through a switch,
> while the other interfaces (eth1) would be on the
> LAN where clients would be
> accessing them. In addition there would be two more
> floating / shared IP
> addresses for the database server and
> for the
> application server which would be defined in the
> Resources section of
> Cluster Configuration Tool and would not be
> mentioned in /etc/hosts (read
> somewhere in the documentation).
> Please let me know if these assumptions are correct.
> I am just wondering how
> does the cluster manager figure out which interfaces
> to use for heartbeat
> and monitoring. I haven't seen any such
> configuration option in the
> system-config-cluster program.
I guess it will use the interface with the right IP to
reach the nodes ;-) or the one used to reach the
default router if the nodes are outside any of its
local networks
I guess, in your configuration, if the nodes names are
bounding to IP 192.168.100.x (through DNS or
/etc/hosts) then cluster applications will use eth0
for its traffic
am I wrong?

If that's true then I think we need to specify only the monitoring IPs in the cluster configuration along with the host names. What happens to the other set of static IP addresses which belong to the interfaces on the LAN subnet ? Do they get used anywhere in the configuration ? Any ideas ?

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