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[Linux-cluster] Will there be some kind of update soon?

Hey I was just wondering if there will be any update or a page anytime
soon with basically a

Download this this and this for this kernel version to get GFS going.


I have been beating my head on the wall for over a week on a FC6
installation trying to download various versions of cluster,
devicemapper, lvm2, openais, getting the latest from cvs and svn.

Its been really confusing trying to figure out first what all is
needed for getting GFS up and running, like needing a cvs copy of
device-mapper and lvm2. so after finally trying to figure out how to
get evyerhing I still cant get stuff to compile.

I realize I am not including any logs or make errors but after
downloading and attempting to follow the instructions from usage.txt
verbatim and thigns just dont work i give up. I really want to try out
GFS but today in one day I had ocfs2 up and running on 3 machines,
which im not basing on redhat or anything but that is the difference.

I dont know if im just incredibly stupid and missing obvious things or
what. I have been browsing the mailing list archives and im not seeing
a whole lot of others emailing with problems isntalling, so am I the
only one trying this out on machine with a fresh OS install? Ahhhhhh!!

I am partly frustrated because I dont know if it would be bad manners
to send errors of everything to this list, because i dont want to seem
like im bothering the devs.

Also, can one of the devs maybe give an order that you have to isntall
stuff. For example do i need the very latest of dm isntalled first,
then openais, then this then that? because one thing seems to only
compile if you have another.

sorry for the really long post. ive been up past 2am every day for the
last week+ trying to figure this out hehe

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