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Re: [Linux-cluster] Will there be some kind of update soon?

Brandon Lamb wrote:
Hey I was just wondering if there will be any update or a page anytime
soon with basically a

Download this this and this for this kernel version to get GFS going.
Hi Brandon,

I've been working on rebasing the STABLE branch in CVS to the newer
upstream kernels, particularly 2.6.20 varieties.  Unfortunately, I ran into
some kernel vfs differences that threw a monkey-wrench into my work.
If it was just a matter of getting it to compile, I would have had it done last week.
When I'm done, I'll post to linux-cluster and let everyone know.  Also,
I'll double-check that the "usage.txt" file is still valid. Hopefully this will
all be done in the next few days.

FC6 is a lot like RHEL5 (except it's lagging a bit in fixes) so the HEAD
branch of CVS is more apt to compile there.  Of course, everyone should
keep in mind that there are two very different worlds: (1) The RHEL4
and STABLE branch of CVS that do things one way, and (2) The HEAD
and RHEL5 branch of CVS that do things very differently under the covers.
Mixing and matching won't work.  One major difference is that (1) uses
cman-kernel and (2) uses openais.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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