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Re: [Linux-cluster] IP monitor failing periodically

Hi Chris,

I am experiencing the same problem on RHEL 5 and I have a support request in with RedHat.

I was asked to increase the debug level by changing the <rm> line in the cluster configuration to:

<rm log_facility="local4" log_level="7">

I then needed to add "local4.* /var/log/cluster" to /etc/syslog.conf and run "service syslog restart".

To update the cluster configuration I needed to propagate the cluster configuration to both nodes:

# ccs_tool update /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

After a week I have not had the problem with the increased logging despite the problem occurring regularly prior to that - 2 to 3 times a day. One day last week out of curiosity I reverted to the default settings and within a few hours I had the failure to ping error on one of the clustered IP addresses and the service was restarted.

I now have the logging back at 7 and the support request is pending.

David Schroeder
Server Support
Information Services Division
Flinders University
Adelaide, Australia
Ph: +61 8 8201 2689

Chris Harms wrote:
I am experiencing periodic failovers due to a floating IP address not passing the status check:

clurgmgrd: [9975]: <warning> Failed to ping
Jun 30 11:41:47 nodeA clurgmgrd[9975]: <notice> status on ip "" returned 1 (generic error)

Both nodes have bonded NICs with gigabit connections to redundant switches, so it is unlikely they are going down, nothing in the logs about linux losing the links. I parked all the cluster services - 2 Postgres services and 1 Apache - on one node and allowed it to run overnight. There would be no client activity during this time. One Postgres service failed two times in this manner and the other failed once in this manner. The Apache service did not fail.

What can I do to resolve this or get more information out of the system to resolve this?

Thanks in advance,

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