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[Linux-cluster] Re: Update cluster.conf when there is one node left cluster.

The worse thing is sometimes, I got error message to say failed to update config file, on node 1.
but check log on node2, it shows :Update of cluster.conf complete (version n -> n+1 ).

It really confused me.

On 7/6/07, siman hew <simanhew gmail com> wrote:

I have one problem that I do not know it is a feature or a bug of cluster.
I have a cluster with 3 nodes, two are running, and one is stopped, on RHEL5.
I would like to add a failover domain, and changed cluster.conf, then ccs_tool update it.
I got error message:
Failed to receive COMM_UPDATE_COMMIT_ACK from node3. Hint: Check the log on node3 for reason. Failed to update config file

or similar error message.
I tried on Conga, it does not work too.
I just wonder it is a bug or a feature -- we can not update cluster.conf if there is one node is dead?

Thanks in advanced.


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