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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: [Openais] Basic cluster not starting

Steven Dake wrote:
> James,
> Let me speak with Patrick Caulfield on this topic Monday.
> I have not seen this before in any of our testing, but it is possible
> someone else using RHCS has.  I've also copied the linux-cluster list.
> The problem appears to be, however, with something relating to ccs or
> the startup order.  The opennais code doesn't know anything about the
> ccsd node ids or parsing of the xml configuration file.  That work is
> done by ccsd and cman.
> Did you try the cman init script?

It looks quite odd. cman is complaining that there is no nodeid in the config
file and there clearly is, in the one you posted. Are you sure that this is the
version that CCS is farming out? It's worth stopping ccsd on all nodes, checking
that the cluster.conf file that has the nodeid entries in also has the highest
version number, and then restarting ccsd.


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