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RE: [Linux-cluster] CLVM

What error do you get? 

Robert Gil
Linux Systems Administrator
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I have problems starting clvmd in a second node (after starting it
successfully on the first node) of a newly created 4-nodes cluster; no
problems staring the service first time on any nodes. Running "cman_tool
services" will show that the second node which started clvmd is in a
"join" status while the first node show a "update" status. This remains
even after a long period of time.

Given that the directories (i.e. /var /usr / ) are created using the
default lvm manager during installation, and I install the
lvm2-cluster-2.02.06-7.0.RHEL4.x86_64.rpm subsequently as part of the
requirements to set up GFS, will this cause the clvmd not to start
properly? I have no problems starting ccsd, cman and fenced.

Thanks in advance,
Bernard Chew
IT Operations Engineer

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