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[Linux-cluster] GFS slower than NFS ???

Hi All,

Before : We have 2 mail storage system which is shared using NFS over 100MB Ethernet.
50% of user data divided equally on each storage server, and each storage server NFS-mount the other
storage server so that it can provide  100% of data.
A number of SMTP,POP, and IMAP servers mounting the 2 storage servers using NFS.

We consolidated the storage server using  HP StorageWorks8100 EVA,
and we have 2 POP/IMAP server which mount the disk from the StorageWorks via 2GB Fiber - iSCSI.
These 2 server are GFS clustered.

To my disappointment's, the "After" setup was slower than the before.
Doing "ls -lah" on a directory with 300+ files take an average of 25 seconds,
while it took less than 1 second on previous setup.

I am quite new to GFS, and I am sure that this is something to do with my GFS setup.
Has anyone else experience the same thing ?

Rianto Wahyudi

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