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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS slower than NFS ???

The "ls -la" command is known to be a performance killer for cluster
filesystems like GFS. It is not an GFS specific issues (a google search
for POSIX "statlite" and "readdirplus" should give you plenty of
examples). In general, we would like to

1. Caution users whether "ls -la" is really a good performance indicator
for their applications.
2. Avoid having one gigantic directory holding many many small files.
Re-structuring them into different sub-directories should see sizable
performance improvement.

-- Wendy

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Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your comment.
If this is the case then .. GFS or clustered storage is not the "ideal" solutions for storage server that use Maildir ?
- Most of the time POP/IMAP jobs is to stat directory
- And users can have large number of email in a directory


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