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RE: [Linux-cluster] doubts in Piranha

hi, firstly, the piranha is not supporting lvs/dr or lvs/tun right now. may in future..

the following paragraph is from

"Currently, the LVS cluster supports one routing method,
Network Address Translation (NAT). (In the future, tunneling
and direct routing will be added.)"

secondly, your configuration is wrong.

LVS eth0 ->
     eth0:0 ->
LVS eth1 ->
     eth1:0 ->

RS eth0 ->

you should write " and eth0:0" to "NAT Router IP and Device" on piranha. is not eth1:1. the default gw should be set "" for RS. Then, "Virtual Service" IP should be set " and eth1:0".

REQUEST = client -> ( ipvs forward on lvs ( -> ( RS RESPOND = client <- ( NAT on lvs-gateway ( <- ( RS

if you change configuration, you must restart pulse service.

have a nice day.

Mehmet CELIK

From: "Panigrahi, Santosh Kumar" <Santosh Panigrahi in unisys com>
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Subject: [Linux-cluster] doubts in Piranha
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 17:33:37 +0530


I want to know, whether piranha supports configuring the following LVS

1) Direct routing

2) Nat routing

3) Tunneling

Actually, I am configuring a NAT LVS cluster in piranha with one LVS
router and one Real Server. (For LVS testing purpose)

I am doing it in RHEL5 with piranha-0.8.4-7.el5.

LVS Router: 2 NIC cards (eth0: - private interface, eth1: public interface, eth1:0: Virtual Public IP)

Real server:  1 NIC card (eth0:

My piranha configuration is as follows.

Virtual server Tab:

Global Settings Tab:

I am configuring it to open a telnet session from a client PC, which is
not happening at all. My guess is piranha is not updating the IPVSADM
table properly as per the configuration or I have configured it wrongly.
Can somebody help me in this regard?

Thanks and Regards,


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