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AW: [Linux-cluster] Redhat cluster and GFS node limit

Dear Hal,

this limitation means, that you can only run up to 16 rgmanagers in one cluster infrastructure. rgmanager thereby is only needed if you build HA services like a active/passive MySQL cluster services. If you like to build a 100 node webserver farm with external loadbalancing/failover - such as LVS and/or keepalived - no rgmanager is needed to be run on that cluster. 

In this case you can set up a 100 node cluster with shared gfs devices as you like. I too recommend you to have a look at http://open-sharedroot.org/documentation. The concept demonstarted on that page is do build a n node cluster from one filesystem single image which keeps administration simple.


Best Regards, 

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> Hi all,
> I have a project which requires a cluster of over 100 GFS 
> nodes. GFS supports
> them, but RH cluster supports only 16 nodes. For this case 
> the documentation
> says:
> "Red Hat GFS is scalable up to 300 nodes, a Red Hat Cluster 
> Manager limits the
> total number of nodes in a cluster to 16. Therefore, in this 
> scenario, Red Hat
> GFS scalability is limited. If the 16-node limit is too small for your
> deployment, you may want to consider using multiple Red Hat 
> Cluster Manager
> clusters."
> So any docs or ideas on how to build "multiple Red Hat Cluster Manager
> clusters"? 
> Will this solution enable all 100+ nodes to access the same 
> File system? 
> Thank you!
> Hal
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