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Re: [Linux-cluster] doubts in Piranha


On 7/11/07, mehmet celik <bsd_daemon msn com> wrote:
hi, firstly, the piranha is not supporting lvs/dr or lvs/tun right now. may
in future..

the following paragraph is from

"Currently, the LVS cluster supports one routing method,
Network Address Translation (NAT). (In the future, tunneling
and direct routing will be added.)"

I'm not sure why referenced document says that piranha does not
support DR, maybe it's out of date or maybe quoted part was supposed
to have different meaning in proper context.  It is possible to use DR
and official Red Hat documentation provides some instructions on how
to do it.  See:



secondly, your configuration is wrong.

LVS eth0 ->
      eth0:0 ->
LVS eth1 ->
      eth1:0 ->

RS eth0 ->

First of all, you should use *different* networks on each interface of
load balancer with LVS-NAT.  I think there are some instructions in
LVS howto about single network configurations, but two networks are
usually recommended.  And of course your load balancer must be set as
default GW on real servers.

Try checking Red Hat documents referenced above or check howtos on LVS
site (e.g. mini-HOWTO) for information about typical topologies.


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