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SV: [Linux-cluster] LVS cluster

That sounds interesting.

So you have a std. ha cluster running the keepalived as a failover cluster service, and the webservers running outside the cluster (on the same machines). Then the keepalived does the loadbalancing. Is that correctly understood?

Will this take care of session persistence?

Kind regards

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Sendt: 11. juli 2007 18:40
Til: linux clustering
Emne: Re: [Linux-cluster] LVS cluster

On Wednesday 11 July 2007 16:41:32 Kristoffer Lippert wrote:
> One fairly simple question for a change. :-)
> We have two frontend webservers running a cluster to handle a SAN (gfs).
> Would it be possible to run the LVS router on the same physical 
> machines as the cluster? Thus creating a fully redundant loadbalanced 
> cluster of our two frontend webservers.
> Currently we run with dns RoundRobin "load balancing". (Wich is not so 
> good in failover situations).
> Thanks in advance :-)
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we've done this with keepalive (also) and some rgmanager skripts. It runs on the cluster as ha-service and makes loadbalancing.

Regards Marc.

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