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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with fenced on cluster with 2 BladeCenter machines: 1st machine is remove physically. The remaining one does not became Active (waiting for fenced)

On a related note, what is the correct value for clean_start in cluster.conf?

<fence_daemon clean_start="1" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>

The man page states it should be set to zero "0"... you have it set to "1", which intuitively, makes more sense.

       To disable fencing at domain-creation time entirely, the -c option can
       be  used  to  declare  that  all nodes are in a clean or safe state to
       start.  The clean_start cluster.conf option can  also  be  set  to  do
       this,  but automatically disabling startup fencing in cluster.conf can
       risk file system corruption.

       Clean-start  is  used  to prevent any startup fencing the daemon might
       do.  It indicates that the daemon should assume all  nodes  are  in  a
       clean state to start.

         <fence_daemon clean_start="0">

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