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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence problem on rhel5 and another question

>Make the cman init script not start fenced if you have no shared storage

I don't think modifying a red hat vanilla startup script it's a good idea.
I will loose all changes in case of a cman package update
Anyway i will try the attached  little patch.

While making this patch i was looking at /etc/init.d/cman script and i found this:

if fence_xvmd_enabled() then start fence_xvmd

Can you modify cman script to use something similar for normal fence ?

if fence_enable() then start fence; else don't stress :-)

>(not even NFS)?

No nfs, nothing, i just need a virtual ip addres.

Now the other question:

Granted that I dont want to install non-certified, non-rhn- updateable software, the question is: is there something similar to DRBD in rhel5 ?

This can be very useful when you need a little shared partition without struggling with an expensive shared storage


Matteo Catanese

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