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[Linux-cluster] CLVM, GFS and GNBD scenarios?

Hi everybody,
I am interested in building relatively large inexpensive cluster but the
storage turned to be a problem. I need both high performance and high
availability. So I am thinking of some combination of GLVM, GFS and GNBD
without using expensive storage devices and fence devices. I want to use
several (~10-15) nodes that export separate local disks using GNBD and and to
use CLVM on ~100 importing nodes to make one redundant logical volume on all of
them with GFS on it. My questions are:
1. Is it possible at all?
2. Can CLVM make redundant logical volumes from imported GNBDs?
3. Is it possible to boost the performance by using some sort 
   of device mirroring or something like this in the described above scenario?
4. Does GNBD fence require any additional hardware to make fencing possible?
5. Will it be possible to use the described above FS if one of the exporting 
   nodes fails without fencing it? Will it be possible to restore the data on 
   it as on a RAID device?

Thanks in advance! 


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