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[Linux-cluster] Are RHEL5 cluster comms different than RHEL4?


Using an IBM bladecenter, we are able to build a RHEL4 cluster of which the nodes are in different chassis and different racks using a private vlan. When building a RHEL5 cluster, nodes which are NOT in the same chassis cannot join a cluster.


node1 is in chassis 1
node2 is in chassis 3
node3 is in chassis 3

All nodes are using bond0:0 as their public interface with FQDN in /etc/hosts. All nodes are using bond0.999 as the private cluster interface with FQDN in hosts and cluster.conf.

Under RHEL4 all nodes join to form a cluster.
Under RHEL5 nodes 2 and 3 form a cluster but node1 never joins the cluster. Under RHEL5, when node1 tries to join the cluster there are NO messages in /var/log/messages that it is even trying to join the cluster.

Any ideas?
fn:Leo J Pleiman, RHCE
n:Pleiman;Leo J
org:;GPS Federal
email;internet:lpleiman redhat com
title:Senior Consultant

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