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Re: [Linux-cluster] fenced segfault

Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:
There is no attribute in the conf file named 'ipaddr' for fence_ilo. Change it to 'hostname'...you can still use a dotted quad as the arg...it's just that the name is not correct.



<fencedevice name="ilo_srv4" agent="fence_ilo" ipaddr="" login="ilo" /> <fencedevice name="ilo_srv5" agent="fence_ilo" ipaddr="" login="ilo" />


any hint what could cause the segfault of the fenced? The ilo boards on
two servers are not yet configured, I don't know whether this could cause the problem?

I changed the fencedevices in cluster.conf to fence_manual, but with the same segmentation fault, so the not configured ilo boards doesnt seem to cause the problem.

       <fencedevice name="ilo_srv4" agent="fence_manual" nodename="srv4" />
       <fencedevice name="ilo_srv5" agent="fence_manual" nodename="srv5" />

kind regards

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