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[Linux-cluster] gnbd and caching


i'm running some standalone gnbd servers (option -c) and i'm wondering where 
the (read-)caching of the gnbd happens and when/how the cache will be 

As far as i understand it, the caching happens on the gnbd client. Is this 

If so, when will the cache of the gnbd client be emptied? Will it be emptied 
if no one accesses the device? Or will it be cached until the device is 
reimported (removed and imported)?

Are there other possibilities to clear the read cache? Are there possibilities 
to see how much data is cached (allocated memory of gnbd_recvd)? Or have i to 
look for linux page cache?

I'm using gnbd as network block devices for virtual hosts on other servers. 
These virtual hosts can be moved between several hardware, but i want to be 
sure no old (cached) data will be read by the virtual servers.



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