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Re: [Linux-cluster] ccs_tool addnode with multiple fence devices

Aravind Parchuri wrote:

We have a couple of nodes with redundant power supplies and two APC 7900 power switches that we need to connect them to. I can do ccs_tool addfence to add both switches to the cluster.conf file, but is there any way to specify both switches for each node, from the command line? Thanks in advance.


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Not that I know, but make certain that you use the 'option' attribute to make certain both power supplies are off, before they are turned on again. The default behavior is reboot, and it is possible for both supplies to never be off at the same time - hence the machine is never rebooted

In the cluster.conf file, it would look like this:
<clusternode name="node1">
  <method name="1">
   <device name="my_apc" port="1" option="Off"/>
   <device name="my_apc" port="2" option="Off"/>
   <device name="my_apc" port="1" option="On"/>
   <device name="my_apc" port="2" option="On"/>

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