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[Linux-cluster] cluster-2.01.00

A new source tarball of cluster code from cvs head has been released.  The
cluster tarballs are usually released for the latest released kernel
version, but in this case it's for 2.6.23-rc kernels.  This is because of
the change to the dlm user/kernel interface which we've already begun
using in libdlm (see extra step below to install new dlm headers.)


. start with 2.6.23(-rc) kernel

. change gfs2 to allow gfs1 to share its lock modules by adding these
  three lines to the end of linux/fs/gfs2/locking.c


. In addition to building and installing the kernel and modules, you need
  to install the new dlm headers, e.g.
  cd /usr/src/linux;
  make headers_install
  cp /usr/src/linux/usr/include/linux/dlm* /usr/include/linux/

. openais 0.80.3 is required (openais.org)
  cd openais-0.80.3
  make; make install DESTDIR=/

. compile and install cluster-2.01.00
  cd cluster-2.01.00
  ./configure --kernel_src=/usr/src/linux (--libdir=/usr/lib64 for x86-64)
  make install

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