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Re: [Linux-cluster] sendmail cluster problem.

This is very vague. What IMAP server are you running? What errors does Sendmail give when it switches and can't deliver? Absent that information, a guess is that you will need to fail the IMAP service with Sendmail if they are running on the same machine.

habib wrote:

we are facing a problem with redhat cluster in Sendmail service.we have two node cluster . where we using cluster suite.when we change the cluster service to one node to another nod. them the problem is occure in mail storage .we are useing IMAP. with web mail.we already check the mail storage, every mail is on the common storage. after change the mail cluster service one node to other node it will problem.

we check the user UID .where user UID is same in both server. it is working fine. which is different from on to another it make problem
Server DELL PE 2950 server Storage : Dell EMC AX150.

pls give me the solutions for this problem.


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