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SV: [Linux-cluster] Linux Clustering Newbe

Hi Dan,
Have you got any performance figures on the OCFS2 ?
My GFS is currently delivering the following performance:
(2 nodes, 2gbit FC HBAs multipath'ed + 1 Fujitsu SAN (SX60) 7x250gb raid 5.)
Writes: average 100mb/sec, 200 files/sec (with simple cp/rm)
Writes: max 150mb/sec, 250files/sec (with simple cp/rm)
Reads: average 160mb/sec (cat > dev/null - uncached)
Reads: average 1150mb/sec (cat > dev/null - cached)
Anybody have a feeling about this performance level?

Fra: linux-cluster-bounces redhat com [mailto:linux-cluster-bounces redhat com] På vegne af Dan Askew jmsmucker com
Sendt: 20. juli 2007 16:19
Til: linux clustering
Emne: [Linux-cluster] Linux Clustering Newbe

Ok Here is what I did to get it working:

used RHCS to manage the cluster services
used CLVM  to manage the LVM metadata across cluster
        Coded a "locking_type = 3" in the LVM.CONF file

Used OCFS2 to cluster and manage the filesystems across cluster.

Configuration is

2 node cluster runing nfs

vitural IPAddr service to allow clients to mount the drives via NFS

All appears to be working fine. I can fail over the services manually or even boot a server and the failover works great.

Now the big question....is this supported by redhat and oracle ...hmmmm

Thanks to all who helped get this working...

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