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Re: [Linux-cluster] Install Cluster in RHE4 U5

Luis Godoy Gonzalez wrote:


I'm trying to install a new machine with RHE4 U5 and Cluster Suite, but I have several troubles.
Could any indicate the steps to make this ?

A lot of folks on this list are hands on, command-line types who sneer at GUI's :) HOWEVER: If you use the conga bits to create a cluster, you just have to enter the FQDN's for your cluster nodes and their passwords in a secure form, and click create. Then if you want, you never, never, ever have to use the GUI again...you can tinker to your hearts content with configuration files and prompt commands with six switches in them.
Or, you could
1) download/up2date all the necessary RPMs and kernel pieces yourself to all of the nodes
2) create a skel cluster config file
3) copy it around to all of the nodes via scp
4) start the cluster services by hand on each node (careful, order matters!)
5) ssh around and check that every node has joined...if not, run the join command...

Know what I mean? ;)


DISCLAIMER: This post was generated by a known GUI DEVELOPER and could very likely be prejudiced towards GUIs and the lazy, carefree lifestyle they engender.

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