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[Linux-cluster] GNBD configuration


I recently want to update from GFS6.0 to GFS6.1. I have not yet been successful in creating a GNBD-based small configuration.

I used the following cluster.conf on node15,node16,node22.
# cat /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster name="y2gfs" config_version="1">
<cman two_node="1" expected_votes="1"> </cman>

<clusternode name="node15"> <fence> <method name="single"> <device name="gnbd" ipaddr="node15"/> </method>
</fence> </clusternode>

<clusternode name="node16"> <fence> <method name="single"> <device name="gnbd" ipaddr="node16"/> </method>
</fence> </clusternode>

        <fencedevice name="gnbd" agent="fence_gnbd" servers="node22"/>

After loading all the modules, I try to run these commands:
cman_tool join
fence_tool join

I have the following problems.
 -- not able to have node22 join the cluster manager.
 -- Not able to complete this command for node16
    # fence_tool join

[root node22 cluster-RHEL4]# cman_tool join
cman_tool: local node name "node22" not found in cluster.conf

Can anybody share some insights here? I have been trying different steps for a while to no successes. Let me know if I need to be more clear on some specifics.

Many thanks in advance,


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