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Re: [Linux-cluster] LVS+HA

You do not need to run the cluster suite on the two web servers unless you're using shared SAN storage...

The LVS router will handle the case where one web server goes down..

Satya Daragani wrote:
Hi All,
I am trying to build the following scenario using Redhat cluster suite and LVS.

I will be using three nodes in the entire scenario, one will be used as LVS Router and other two will be real servers (running httpd web service).

I want to configure the redhat cluster suite on both the real server nodes for the failover of the httpd service (in active-active mode), is it possible to do or is there any other way?

Kindly suggest me.

Satya Daragani
satya daragani gmail com <mailto:satya daragani gmail com>
+91 98850 58366


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