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[Linux-cluster] Red Hat Cluster & GFS for a LAMP

Hi Folks,
    I'm hoping for some advice here.  We have a hosting service where we run a LAMP stack.  Currently our environment is comprised of a pair of Apache servers which are load balanced via a pair of hardware balancers, and a pair of MySQL servers that are in a Master/Slave configuration.  The two Apache servers use a common NFS export as shared storage and the DB servers just use local disks.

I've been reading up on RH cluster services and GFS, and from what I see, it sounds like a great solution for us, especially since we are bringing on more and more customers and thus have higher loads and availability requirements.

I'm wondering if anyone on this list is currently using RH Cluster Services and GFS for a LAMP environment and if so, are there any pitfalls to watch out for, or any tips that I should know before getting started on the engineering phase.

I was reading an article this weekend on the RH site about using a shared (GFS) root partition on SAN and booting up cluster nodes to this shared root, the premise being that patches and config changes are done once, to the clustered root on all servers, as opposed to each server separately.  Does anyone here run such a configuration and does it work well?

Also, I've not been able to find any good books that are focused mostly on Red Hat clustering and GFS...  Does anyone know of any good books on this subject?

Thank you,
Clayton Dillard <cdillard rpstechnology com>
RPS Technology, LLC

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