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Re: [Linux-cluster] Exceeds Two Node Limit

Robert Gil wrote:
Im curious why I would be getting this error?
May 21 12:57:22 **NODE4** kernel: CMAN: Join request from **NODE1**
rejected, exceeds two node limit.
I have added two new nodes to the cluster to make a total of 4. Where
would this limit exist? I do not see it in cluster.conf. I thought maybe
part of gfs, however that is not set as a resource right now and I also
tried adding 2 more journals. Neither seemed to fix the issue.
Any insight is appreciated Thanks, Robert Gil

Hi Robert,

Once a cluster is configured as "two_node" that setting is kept in
memory by both running nodes.  If a third (and fourth, in your case)
node is added, the "two_node" option has to be removed from the
cluster.conf file and the cluster must be restarted.  This is a special
case for two-node clusters only (ordinarily, adding a node does not
require a restart of the cluster).

Here's a FAQ entry that gives some info about this:



Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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