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Re: [Linux-cluster] Not able to stop cman service

Shailesh wrote:
I tried the same (cman_tool leave force) and worked.

How and why does rgmanager run without even explicitly starting it ,
I have only been running the ccsd ,cman,gfs services ?

Thanks Shailesh
Hi Shailesh,

Perhaps somehow your rgmanager service got set on.  Do this:

chkconfig --list | grep rgmanager

If it says "on" for 3 4 5, you can disable it if you want by
doing: "chkconfig rgmanager off"

I can't think of any other way it could be started at the moment,
unless you're using the system-config-cluster or conga GUIs,
in which case starting a failover service may automatically start
rgmanager for you (I'm not sure offhand).

If you want rgmanager to start automatically, just do:

chkconfig rgmanager on

but then you should do "service rgmanager stop" before you stop
the other cluster services (like cman).


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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